Reheat Hokkien Prawn Noodles


01:00 min

Chilled ​4°C
1 Portion

Stage 1

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  • 10 %
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2 pcs Giant Prawns
1 tbs Chilli Oil
150 ml Water
60 g Chicken Bone
60 g Chicken Thigh Boneless
40 g Squid
0.5 tbs Gelatine
2 tbs Oil
0.5 tbs Garlic chopped
1 pcs Egg
110 g Fresh Yellow Noodles
110 g Fresh Thick Round Rice Noodles
2 tbs Fish Sauce
50 g Bean Sprout
5 g Chinese Chive Chopped
1 pcs Fried Fish Cake sliced in Stripes
1 pcs Lime Wedge
1 tbs Sambal Dried Prawn
5 g Coriander
5 g Spring Onion Julienne
5 g Red Chilli Julienne
1 pinch Black Pepper crushed
1 pcs Paper bag
Shell the prawns, clean them, cut in half and store in a fridge. Keep the shells for the stock. Heat the chilli oil in a pan and sear the shells. Add the water and chicken bone and let it simmer for 30 minutes. Cook the chicken thigh, prawns and squid in the stock. When they are soft, take them out, chill them and cut the chicken and squid into strips. Add the gelatine to the stock, stir it well, heat it for 30 seconds, chill it and cut into cubes when it is cold. Heat the oil in a pan and sear the garlic, add the egg and sear till light brown. Add in both noodles and sear them. Add the fish sauce, lower the heat and add bean sprouts, Chinese chive, fish cake, chicken, squid and prawns. Mix it well, remove from heat and chill it. After cooling mix the noodles with the stock cubes and place the mixture in the paper bag and fold the bag down to close. Place it on the tray.
1. Food Preparation
Cook as per oven profile.
2. Cooking Instruction
Remove the bag from the tray, open the bag and plate the noodles. Use the lime, sambal, spring onion, chilli and black pepper as garnish.
3. Food Serving Instruction

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