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We at Merrychef believe in empowering and supporting our customers worldwide so you can take full advantage of the culinary capabilities of the Merrychef high-speed ovens. These Ready Recipes include a range of delicious recipes that have been specially designed for your particular high-speed oven. The methods used have been performance-tested in our Merrychef culinary centers to achieve perfect serving temperatures and top-quality results.

This Culinary Section provides you with all the resources you need to create, adapt and store your recipe collection. But not only that, you can also download your individual cookbook and directly upload it onto your high-speed ovens.

Each recipe also highlights the Merrychef accessory used during cooking. Using approved accessories such as trays with lids to reduce fat splatter, regularly wiping clean accessories between cooks and following a daily cleaning regime will help keep the cavity clear of grease build-up and help keep your oven running smoothly. The full selection of approved accessories can be found at https://www.merrychef.com/Products/Accessories

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See the source image  REMEMBER, programmes in your oven are replaced when a new USB file is uploaded. Download existing menus on your Merrychef oven first, add in your new recipes and transfer back to the oven.

“Merrychef is the reason I can sleep well at night because I know that the chocolate soufflé is going to be perfect every time.”

Friedemann Findeis, L'Osteria founder and CEO

“We want to deliver a high-performance restaurant service, which means we need high-performance equipment. And that makes appliances like the Merrychef indispensable.”

Udo Wolfrum, Executive Chef Zugspitze Restaurants