Bacon Rashers 3 pcs
Bacon Rashers full tray
Baked Apple Tarte Flambé
Burrito with Chicken 1 pce
Burrito with Chicken 2 pcs
Burrito with Ham&Cheese 1 pce
Burrito with Ham&Cheese 2 pcs
Burrito with Tuna 1 pce
Burrito with Tuna 2 pcs
Chicken Breast without skin
Chicken Quesadilla
Chikuwa - Fish Cake
Chilled Pizza Pre-Baked Thin-Crust
Closed Chicken Focaccia 1 pce
Closed Chicken Focaccia 2 pcs
Closed Ham&Cheese Focaccia 1 pce
Closed Ham&Cheese Focaccia 2 pcs
Closed Tuna Focaccia 1 pce
Closed Tuna Focaccia 2 pcs
Cook Raw Jacket Potatoes
Frozen Pizza Pre-Baked Thin-Crust
Full English Breakfast
Grilled Green Asparagus
Ham&Cheese Quesadilla
Kakiage - Vegetable Tempura Cake
Katsu Ni - Simmered Cutlet
Merluza Austral with creamy Potatoes and roasted Vegetables
Mochi - Fried Rice Cake
Octopus with Polenta
Okonomiyaki - Japanese savoury Pancake
Open Chicken Bagel 1 pce
Open Chicken Bagel 2 pcs
Open Chicken Ciabatta 1 pce
Open Chicken Ciabatta 2 pcs
Open Chicken Panini 1 pce
Open Chicken Panini 2 pcs
Open Ham&Cheese Bagel 1 pce
Open Ham&Cheese Bagel 2 pcs
Open Ham&Cheese Ciabatta 1 pce
Open Ham&Cheese Ciabatta 2 pcs
Open Ham&Cheese Panini 1 pce
Open Ham&Cheese Panini 2 pcs
Open Tuna Bagel 1 pce
Open Tuna Bagel 2 pcs
Open Tuna Ciabatta 1 pce
Open Tuna Ciabatta 2 pcs
Open Tuna Panini 1 pce
Open Tuna Panini 2 pcs
Pork Ribs with green Asparagus and Champignons
Portabella Mushroom filled with minced meat 1 pce
Portabella Mushroom filled with minced meat 2 pcs
Pumpkin Tarte Flambé
Reheat Cornish Pasty
Reheat Croissants
Reheat Danish Pastries
Reheat Duck Leg Confit Indonesian Style “Sambal Ijo”
Reheat Jacket Potato 1 pce
Reheat Jacket Potatoes 2 pcs
Reheat Muffins 1-5 pcs
Reheat Potato Gratin
Reheat Sausage Roll
Reheat Sweet Lasagne
Roast Mediterranean Vegetables
Salmon Filet in Stock or White Wine
Salmon Steak skin-on without scales
Salmon with Spinach and Risotto rolled in Puff Pastry
Sausages chilled full tray
Tarte Flambé Classic
Tarte Flambé Mediterranean
Toasted Sandwich 1 pce
Toasted Sandwiches 2 pcs
Vegetables with Feta Cheese
Wrap with Chicken 1 pce
Wrap with Chicken 2 pcs
Wrap with Ham&Cheese 1 pce
Wrap with Ham&Cheese 2 pcs
Wrap with Tuna 1 pce
Wrap with Tuna 2 pcs