Chicken Wings in Paper Bag Salt baked
Chicken with Shitake and Oyster Sauce in Paper Bag
Chinese Fried Rice with Grapefruit and Sakura Shrimp
Egg Roll with deep-fried Bread
Fish en Papillote with Chinese Soy Sauce
Giant Prawns Salt baked
Green Chillis filled with Pork and Fish ( Canton style)
Green Pepper & Potato Strips in Paper Bag
Half Chicken in Paper Bag
Half Lobster with Butter
Half Lobster with Oil
Halibut with Chilli Paste
Razor Clam Salt baked
Reheat Moon Cake with different fillings
Reheat Pork Belly Chinese Style
Spicy Prawns in Bamboo tube Hunan style
Sweet and Sour Scrambled Eggs